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Austrian Schengen Tourist Visa

As registered agents at the Austrian Embassy in London, we are permitted to lodge visa applications on behalf of a variety of visa nationals* You, the applicant do not have to attend the Embassy at all. We submit your application form, passport and supporting documents on your behalf.
(*see excluded list at bottom of page)

To be issued an Austrian Schengen Visa you must be resident in the UK (ie be in the UK as a work permit holder, HSMP holder, Working Holiday Visa Holder, Ancestry Visa holder, Student Visa holder, Dependent Visa holder. . . . etc.

Your residence visa must be endorsed in your passport - Visas endorsed on a separate Home Office ' travel document' will not suffice.

Your UK visa must be valid for more than 6 months and be valid for at least 3 months beyond the return date from your trip.


Completed and signed the Austrian Visa application form:
Download Austrian Schengen Visa Application Form

A passport that meets requirements set by the Austrian Embassy in London [insert link].
the passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of return from the trip to the Schengen territory. Damaged passports will generally not be endorsed. As a general rule the passport should have a minimum two blank facing pages for visa endorsement.

Two Colour Passport Photographs - The photographs must (45mm x 35mm), colour, taken against a white background with good contrast clear/good quality image, printed on normal photographic paper, full face without sunglasses or head covering. Scanned images will be rejected by the Austrian Embassy

Letter of support from the applicant's UK employer [see WQ's template] or a letter from an accountant if self employed or a letter from the applicant's College/University if in the UK as a student. The letter must be on official letter headed paper, be less than 1 month old, state the current work/course status, it must be signed, dated and show full contact details.

Proof of Fully Paid Travel - Confirmed return ticket to Austria or confirmation from travel agent showing proof of payment - Open ticket itinerary will not be accepted. The confirmation must include the name of the applicant, the travelling dates, evidence of payment.

Proof of Hotel reservation confirmation. The Hotel bookings must indicate the name of the applicant and the dates of stay.

Visit to family or friends require an Original letter of invitation "Verpflichungserklarung" legalised by a notary public, solicitor or other competent authority and a copy of the Austrian passport and proof of sufficient income or funds of the host .

Proof of financial means of support for the duration of the stay in Austria. Evidence by way of original travellers cheques, signed by the applicant (ideally with purchase receipt) OR the applicant's most recent original postal bank statement - overdrafts are not accepted, nor are credit card statements.

Dependent Husband/Wife are required to present their partner's original passport and an original marriage certificate. The marriage certificate must be in Austrian or English. Marriage certificates in other languages must be translated and the translation must be authenticated by the respective embassy. Non UK marriage certificates may also require authentication at the respective embassy irrespective of the written language

Medical/travel insurance cover valid for Austria - repatriation is compulsory. The documentation must show the applicant's name and the policy number. The policy must cover the duration of the visit (6 - 12 months cover will improve the chances of being issued a longer term multiple entry Austrian Schengen Visa)


We cannot submit applications on behalf of applicants in the following situations:

Where applicant is a holders of a UK VISITOR C visa
Where applicant holds a fiancee visa of 6 months or less
Where applicant is a spouse of an EU national (includes UK Nationals).

The above applicants have to attend the embassy in person.


All posted applications are to have enclosed a return pre-paid next day delivery self addressed envelope [insert post office info]. The Self addressed envelope must be filled out (with a ball point pen) to the address that you wish your documents to be returned to. To instruct us please follow the "Visa Booking" link below complete our booking sheet.

NOTE: The above list of documentation is not exhaustive and the Embassy has the discretion to ask for additional documents if it thinks fit. Incomplete application will not be processed.

Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.








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